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Get the final look. The last finishing step is one of the most important factors when presenting a completed part, and we offer services including Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Digital Printing  and Laser Etching, offering some of the most flexible options to suit your finish requirements.

Whether a single colour print, multi colour print or full HD colour, high resolution prints offer your product a whole new layer of professionalism, with a new era of technologies within the metal working space.

Contact us for any specific finish specifications, and we can provide you with options.

Some photos courtesy of Design 2000


From your 3D part to a die mould design complete with blanking, forming and punching operations; our in-house engineers have the experience and software to design durable press tools ready for mass manufacturing.

Whether you are starting from scratch or need the finishing touch, we offer solutions and feedback through 360 degree communication.


We keep you involved through the development stages of design to ensure the right processes and right materials are used.


In-house Software



Dassault CATIA



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