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Precision folding services. Economical, quick turn around & functional design.
Quality Powdercoating
High quality finishes that last. Bring life to your product with colour.
Screen printing, digital printing, laser etching services for that added touch of completion.
CNC Portal
Visit our Total Tooling Website. More metalworking services including CNC & Press Stamping.
Turret Punching
CNC Precision Turret Punching for rapid sheetmetal profile and forming
CNC Folding
Precision Folding for crisp clean lines.
Welding & Fabrication
High volume MIG welding, detail TIG welding, best in class finishes.
Laser Cutting
Sheet cutting, tube cutting or laser etching.
We offer full assembly services, so that your product sub-assembly comes to you complete.
Quality Assurance
We offer some of the best quality control systems.
Robotic Welding
MIG & Spot welding. Accurate and continuous production.
Design Support
Want to do your own manufacturing?
On-time deliveries. Manage your orders and rolling stock.
Environmentally Aware
We continue to minimise our environmental footprint
TJ Carey Construction Products
Window, door frame and other construction solutions.
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